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UB'CAL For Residential Purpose
  • No Salts or Chemicals needed.
  • Little space required and safe.
  • Mains Pressure Unaffected.
  • Low Running cost, Negligible Power Consumption.
  • Effective on PVC, HDPE, Copper or Steel Pipe & GI Pipe.
  • No Waste Water.
Simple Solution
The UB’CAL uses a series of controlled complex modulating high frequency waveform that neutralises the bonding mechanism of a wide range of mineral groups. Minerals are prevented from reacting with each other to form complex crystals, stopping scale formation. The beauty of the UB’CAL system is that as a broad-spectrum treatment, it is designed to break down every mineral crystal in water and not just the minerals in the specific scale forming groups.
  • Softens hard water without using chemicals. Effective on bore water supplies
  • An effective de-scaling and scale prevention system (without the use of chemicals)
  • Retains healthy minerals
  • Water will feel "softer", “silkier" and soap will lather up much more
  • Removes soapy residues from skin & hair. Hair feels softer.
  • Water saturates and cleans better, gives whiter, softer clothes with less detergent.
  • Easier cleaning of surfaces, especially baths, basins and sinks.
  • Removes the growing base for algae, fungi and moulds and ultimately bacteria
  • Water filters and RO membranes will work more efficient
  • Increases the efficiency of water heaters lowering energy bills
  • Reduces effects of salts & basic elements are made available to root zone, it also enhances nutrients intake and timulates plant growth
  • Low capital outlay & running costs. Quick return on Investment
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