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Mist Cooling System


MISTKOOL is one of the leading commercial and industrial misting systems distributors Since 2014. MISTKOOL acquired the know-how above all mist cooling system and this has permitted to our team to design, and at the same time delivers, a lot of mist cooling systems for different needs.

All MISTKOOL products are made of Highest Quality standard.
For this reason many customers have choose MISTKOOL for the high capacity in delivering High Quality products at the best competitive price.

MISTKOOL is committed to providing you with the best quality products (misting pumps, nozzles, fittings, fans, control devices, portable misting systems) , for the most competitive price without sacrificing quality. We use the best materials, equipment and proven quality control methods to produce the finest pumps and parts found in the market today.

Project design is one of the services we offer you and it's another one of the reasons why people like dealing with us. Design plans to help projects get done quickly, efficiently, and safely. With our experience we can drive you to choose the right products and materials for your misting system.

Products Page
MISTKOOL designs and Supplies a full range of misting systems for Indoor and Outdoor Cooling, Industrial Cooling, Dust Suppression, Odor Control, Humidification or Special Effects.
We always provide our customers with the best selection of low, medium, and high pressure misting systems and parts available on the market today. From our Complete Misting Systems, Add On Kits and High Efficiency Portable Mist Fan Systems, to our largest custom built Misting System.

This website includes detailed information about our mist system products for outdoor cooling, humidification, dust and odour control applications. These system characteristics and performance capabilities can be reviewed by clicking on Application Menu.

Misting Technology
By forcing water, by means of a high pressure pump, through our specially designed misting nozzles, we create a ultra fine mist.

Evaporative cooling is responsible for the chill you feel when a breeze strikes your skin. The air evaporates the water on your skin, with your body heat providing the energy.

By forcing water, by means of a high pressure pump, through our specially designed misting nozzles, we create a fog of ultra fine water droplets with an average size of less than 10 microns.

These tiny water droplets quickly absorb the energy (heat) present in the environment and evaporate, becoming water vapor (gas). The energy (heat) used to change the water to gas is eliminated from the environment, hence the air is cooled.

MISTKOOL guarantee

  1. Planning and design
  2. Delivery
  3. Spare parts supply
  4. Installation
  5. Techincal assistance

    For any needs concerning outdoor cooling applications or misting systems in general, send an email to mistkool . MISTKOOL staff review the information and respond with a customized solution that fits your exact needs.

The misting systems atomize water trough high pressure pumps and, particurarly in hot days, they create a pleasant sensation of freshness (outdoor cooling).

The heart of the mist cooling system are the high pressure pumps where pressurize water at 1000psi (70BAR) and thank to nozzles the water will be sprayed in tiny water droplets that quickly absorb energy (heat) present in the environment. In this way the air will be cooler.

MISTKOOL is the best choice to guarantee the use of professional misting systems for your business. Have a look at different applications on this website.

    The answer is easy: use this systems would mean to optimize both purchasing and conducting costs. In fact, other tradidional cooling systems are not able to offer the same advantages in order to cool and humidify indoor environments, as well as, to control dust and odour.

  • Beaches, swimming pools, aquaparks, holiday villages (outdoor cooling, scenic performances)
    Bar, Restaurants, hotels, patios,
  • Poultry farms, horses stables, livestocks (outdoor cooling, scenic performances, insect removal)
  • Resorts (outdoor cooling, humidification, scenic effects)
  • Industrial warehouses (in-cooling, humidification, dust suppression, Pre-cooling)
  • Factory farming (cooling, insects removal)
  • Buildings, Skyscrapers (Pre-cooling HVAC)
  • Greenhouses, terrarium, fruits and fish display (humidification and cooling)
  • Wineries (humidification and cooling)
  • Rubbish dumps (odour suppression)
  • Shooting films (shower effects, special effects)
  • Stop flying insects (for all uses)

Outdoor cooling application
When outdoor temperatures rise over 85°F the people suffer and usually don’t enjoy the outdoor experience. This bad experience drive people to remain at home or to stay in all places (inside) where air conditioning is switched on. Of course this aspect is not good both for people than for the owner of commercial store (pubs, restaurants, hotels and so on) where they discover an increase in energy consumption and why not loss of clients (the people choose to go to the competitors that has implemented new technologies to enjoy outdoor experience).

The Mist Cooling systems have been used in outdoor cooling applications for decades. These systems can provide outdoor cooling reducing temperatures by up to 40°F with virtually no noticeable increase in the relative humidity. Outdoor cooling applications include misting systems for restaurants, theme parks, hotels and resorts, arenas, tennis courts, golf facilities, fountains, waterfalls, patios, pets, plants, terrarium, horse stables and more.

The mist cooling systems atomize water at 1000PSI (70 BAR) through high pressure misting pumps and special designed misting nozzles where, particularly in hot days, they create a pleasant sensation of freshness. The process of ‘Thermal Dynamics’ is effective because water requires energy (600 calories of heat to evaporate 1 gram of water) to evaporate. This energy exchange results outdoor cooling, or reduced temperatures.

As with any outdoor cooling system, the overall effectiveness of the misting systems will depend on existing temperature, the humidity levels, and the air exchange rate.

COOLING AN OUTDOOR PATIO SPACE is easier than ever with cool mist fans. There are, mister kits for do-it-yourself installation. Kits include the pump, water container, hose, connectors and nozzles to direct the radius of the mister. There are so many commercial and even residential demands for mist fans that it’s easy to find the right system for an individual or business owner’s needs. Whatever the size of your project, a commercial water mist system can be customized to deliver cooling temperatures.

MISTKOOL mist cooling systems represents a valid innovation in climate control and all the series of high pressure misting pumps are ideal for evaporative cooling and outdoor cooling applications. MISTKOOL is considered a valid supplier of outdoor cooling systems in INDIA.

The climate control in the Industry is an important aspect that all facility manager take in consideration to save energy and at the same time guarantee a comfortable environment for the occupiers.

MISTKOOL is highly experienced in providing cooling solutions with misting systems for a wide range of industries including Food, Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Rubber, Manufacturing.

The benefits of internal good internal climate
• Increased productivity resulting from a healthy and comfortable environment for the occupiers.
• Improved functioning and lower maintenance costs for manufacturing processes, and production, resulting from operating in ideal conditions.
• Saving energy costs using misting system to cool large productivities areas.

Why choose MISTKOOL
MISTKOOL is able to support Industrial client in supplying mist cooling systems and above all in design the most cost-effective solution to meet their needs. For that MISTKOOL can:
• Support client to design the best solution using misting kit fog systems
• Supply misting systems kit (high pressure pumps, filters, nozzle, fans)
• On request activate the installer team present in different country in the world for installation.

Precooling – HVAC
The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning) is the technology installed to provide indoor thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality.

HVAC is important in the design of medium to large industrial and office buildings such as skyscrapers, onboard vessels, and in marine environments such as aquariums, where safe and healthy building conditions are regulated with respect to temperature and humidity, using fresh air from outdoors.

Air conditioning systems perform at their worst in hot summer days, just when they are needed the most. The cooling capacity decreases by 14-15% and the power draw increases by 31%.The problem occurs in condensers which has to change vapors refrigerant into liquid forcing the air through the unit and absorbing heat from the refrigerant causing it to condense.

Applying water fogging system to air-cooled chillers can improve the efficiency under most of the working conditions, as the water mist could lower the air temperature entering the condenser.

Benefits using misting system as pre cooling systems for HVAC
• Air temperature outside the unit lowered by up to 12°C
• Energy consumption decreased, as much as 30%
• Increase the efficiency of HVAC units up to 30%
• Live of the whole system extended
• Low start up and operating costs
• Quick installation

The climate control for the livestock, animal housing and stables is an important aspect to guarantee animal wellness.

Efficient climate controls help farming operations reduce overhead and increase profitability. MISTKOOL mist cooling systems ensure that your facilities retain an appropriate climate providing maximum comfort for your animals (cooling for poultry, buffalo, pigs, chickens, horses).

Poultry climate control
Misting provides heat stress relief for all categories of poultry. Mortality is dramatically reduced. Stress-free broilers continue to eat and grow. Layers produce more eggs. Breeders are more active and produce higher quality eggs.

Pig climate control
In the hog world, misting increases the farrowing sow’s appetite, which improves milk production.
This, in turn, boosts the litter weight at weaning, increases the size of future litters and allows the sow to go back into heat quicker. Cool conditions increase sex drive and sperm count, as well as sexual development.

Cattle climate control
Cattle are also subject to heat stress. This condition can affect milk production, weight gain and breeding cycles. The misting systems help to reduce temperatures and at the same time drive cows to eat more and produce more milk.

Horse climate control
Horses are often kept inside barns which may be substantially hotter than outside temperatures due to radiant heating of the structure.
Despite their ability to sweat, horses still have difficulty cooling themselves when temperatures become extreme. Because of their large size, their body heat tends to accumulate faster than they can get rid of the excess. Especially in conditions of high humidity, when sweat no longer evaporates to cool the skin, horses are prone to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be extremely dangerous.

A MISTKOOL mist cooling system, when installed in a barn, introduces a steady supply of water to the air in the form of ultra-fine droplets which evaporate before they hit the ground. A correctly installed misting system creates a curtain of mist, which can reduce temperatures in the immediate area by as much as 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on the outdoor temperature and relative humidity).

The best results from a misting system are achieved when the mist is produced in an area which already has good airflow.

Many people like to install a line of misting nozzles just under the eaves of the barn. In alternative the misting fans are a "cool" alternative. The use of misting fans help to guarantee a good airflow index.

For more information about MISTKOOL mist cooling systems used for Livestock, Horses, stables contact MISTKOOL.

Misting system re-establishes to optimal values the humidity level, blocking dehydration process, keeping the freshness of food for longer time.

Fruit and vegetables are largely composed of water. The loss of freshness is mainly due to a quick dehydration of the product, further to the evaporation of the water. Water evaporates, due to a difference between its values contained into the vegetables and in the surrounding air. By means of a misting system, the humidity level in the air re-establishes its optimal values, blocking the dehydration process. Additionally, a fog system, following the adiabatic principle, reduces the temperatures and cools the products displayed at the counters.

Fish products are also subjects to the loss of freshness by dehydration, as they are composed of water in the measure higher than 70%. Moreover, the misting system can control the spread of smells in the surrounding areas.

Some types of meat, cold cuts and cheese are subjects to dehydration, too: our fog systems can restore naturally their suitable special microclimate, to preserve or keep seasoning them. Misting system can be easily assembled inside refrigerators and automatically checked by means of humidity control.

Misting system periodically emit an ultra light mist of water directly onto the product, usually for 1 to 5 seconds every 10-15 minutes. Due to their tiny dimensions, these small water droplets evaporate without wetting, keeping humidity and coolness in the environment air, reducing dehydration and maintaining product weight and condition .

  • Grocery department stores
  • Butchery shop in supermarkets
  • Fish markets
  • Refrigerators and cold rooms
  • Growth and seasoning rooms
  • Fruit and vegetables wholesalers stocks
  • Food processing industry
  • Fishing boats and harvesting machines


MISTKOOL misting system re-establishes to optimal values the humidity level, blocking dehydration process, keeping the freshness of food for longer time.

Fruits and vegetables are largely composed of water. The loss of freshness is mainly due to a quick dehydration of the product, further to the evaporation of the water.

By means of a misting system, the humidity level in the air re-establishes its optimal values, blocking the dehydration process.

MISTKOOL mist cooling systems are used for a wide range of applications to create humidity in industrial textile, tobacco industry, industrial paper, food farm, wine cellar, fruits, fishes, vegetables table display.

Like many other industries textiles processes can also obtain significant benefits from the environmental control system with a misting humidification system.
The yarns, until the transformation in tissue, must balance their own moisture and that contained in the surrounding air.

A lack of moisture in the air is unpleasantly noticeable.
Non air-conditioned factories or with a different humidification system frequently encounter production difficulties during embroidery, weaving and spinning yarns due to breakage and high static electricity levels.

The Textile Technology found that wool, by increasing relative humidity from 60 to 70% during storage and processing, shows a 15% increase of its elasticity, which drastically reduces breakage during processing. Adjusting humidity levels with a misting system increases the tensile strength of all natural fibers, removes static electricity improving the workability of the yarns and fibers, controls the suspended residual and improves comfort of work areas.

It is well known in the textile industry that the relative humidity, and hence the moisture regain (content) of textile fiber plays a very important role in the reduction of static electricity.

Virtually all textile fibers, when completely dry, have very high electrical resistances. However, as the relative humidity increases, the fibers absorb moisture and their electrical resistance decreases with a consequent reduction electrostatic charges generation.

Water is an important part of yarns weight.
About 7% of dry cotton weight is made by water, in a dry synthetic yarn such as Nylon it is 2-3%.The specific weight of wool is made by water up to 18%

Textile industry can also benefit from the cooling effect provided by our high-pressure humidification system. The mist water droplets are quickly absorbed by the air, evaporation lowers summer temperatures and the result is a natural cooling system.

The right humidity level, usually between 55% and 70% RH offers as a result a better product quality with minimum downtime and production waste, increasing profits.


Misting systems and dust suppression application.

MISTKOOL mist cooling systems provide with extremely effective solutions to airborne dust suppression and air filtration.
High pressure misting systems are the most appropriate solution for outdoor and indoor small and large areas, to suppress dust generated by materials handling or manufacturing processes in general.

Misting systems are installed in painting units, quarries, mines, stone crushers, gravity flow places to conveying belts, truck yard ramps, hoppers unloading, suppression of dust produced by steel mills and cement factories, ships loading and unloading points, ores, rocks and coal storages, recycling plants and inert processing.

Mist cooling systems are the best tool for odour treatment and odour control in large areas, for industrial and commercial applications.

The advantages are the low costs if compared to other odour control systems based on water atomization.

Energy costs are very low and the installation is very fast considering that the systems are supplied in various solutions, or pre-assembled with simple quick couplers.

For any needs concerning Mist cooling applications, send an email to MISTKOOL or call +91-9493933556 . MISTKOOL staff review the information and respond with a customized solution that fits your exact needs.

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