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UB’CAL Treated Water for Cattle

In recent years, digital electronics has transformed farming techniques in numerous ways. Now with the most recent advances, it is possible to dramatically transform the physical nature of water chemistry. This transformation works to make profound changes in both water and in turn, improve the biological chemistry of animals. The UB’CAL digital water softening system implements a cascading group of benefits for animal life. These benefits have been shown to translate directly into economic benefits. They can increase the bottom line for the farmer, rancher, dairies, and operators of feedlots.

Animal Husbandry Benefits:

  • Increased water uptake creates greater protein to fat ratios which can increase weight
  • Reduces influence of salinity in water
  • The added solubility or “wetness” of the water increases the animal’s immune system response to pathogens which can result in decreased illness and mortality.
  • Reduces the formation of algae and bacteria in drinking water troughs which can further add to livestock health.
  • Improved Nutrient Uptake due to dissolved Healthy Calcium in water
  • Increases Fat Content of milk by 10%
  • Increases Milk Production by 10%
  • Activation of auto immune system (self defence) leading to decrease in illness and mortality rates
  • Improves Fertility and General Health of animals.
  • UB Cal treated water, when used to clean animal stalls, makes anti-bacterial soaps more effective to create better Animal Hygiene
  • Reduces the Firmness of the Udder and allows for easier milking.
  • Increases Healing effect of cows suffering from mastitis and increases their ability to resist diseases.
  • Facilitates accumulation of protein and non-fats in animals’ bodies.
  • e-coli count in water decreases by 90%.
  • Drastically decreases the amount of bacteria in milk
  • Improved final product quality; fat, milk protein

Simple Solution
Today, by using UB’CAL digital technology, you can reliably soften water without using salts or chemicals. It is very reliable in all water conditions and at all flow rates. Instead of removing calcium from the water, it is converted into a soft form called calcium aragonite. This form has a particle size that is microscopic. It has the constancy of fine talcum powder. Water treated this way is a much better solvent. This treatment also changes the electrical charge of the water, preventing the particles from sticking together and disallows forming of lime scale on surfaces.

Water is the universal solvent for all animals. It is the medium used for waste disposal. Water removes the toxic waste products produced by countless cellular functions. Water fills the capillaries, which act to remove impurities. It follows that the effectiveness of water as a solvent will directly influence the health of the animal by reducing naturally occurring toxic influences.

The UB’CAL system reduces the surface tension of the water. This is a natural result of reducing the minerals in water to a 4-micron size. Water becomes "wetter" and thereby, a better solvent for removal of toxins. Its ability to dissolve and carry away the waste products of living organisms is dramatically improved.

In addition the reduced surface tension of the water facilitates the cells take-up of water. Water with a reduced surface tension can penetrate the cell wall easier, facilitating the growth and division of cells.

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