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UB’CAL System is the best choice for reliable, sustainable water treatment. Through its superior design and engineering principles, use of the UB’CAL System results in significant water and energy savings. In addition, UB’CAL's chemical-free solution is a significantly lower cost than the operating expense of standard chemical treatment options.

Because the UB’CAL System eliminates scale and biofilm, you're ensured optimal heat transfer efficiency and, therefore, maximum energy savings. The UB’CALs simple, elegant design, installation, and operation provides superior performance, increased reliability and reduced operating costs (OPEX).

The major concerns for all users of water with the purpose of thermal transfer are: Cost Effectiveness of Water Treatment, Energy Savings, Water Savings, Environmentally Safe.

UB’CAL System meets all four criteria for effective water treatment through control of scale/
corrosion/biological growth for thermal transfer efficiency.

  • Eliminates scale formation, removes existing scale and halts corrosion.
  • Eliminates all chemical costs (transportation, storage, installation, monitoring and disposal).
  • Prevents Algae, Biofilm and Microbiological growth.
  • Eliminates the constant battle of changing water chemistry to meet treatment demands.
  • Dramatically reduces the volume of water used by eliminating the "blowdown loss".
  • Greatly reduces sewer charges for discharged water as it is no longer toxic.
  • Eliminates the need for frequent system shutdowns in facilities where they were previously required for de-scaling.
  • Dramatically reduces maintenance and down-time on heat exchange equipment.
    Lower operation costs and lower electrical energy costs as a result of more efficient heat transfer.
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