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Agriculture Benefits of UB’CAL

Does your Land yield poor tonnage per acre due to:


Does yourproduce lack nutrition / have poor taste.

UB’CAL will help to correct your water & soil conditions and make your land more productive.

UB’CAL Treated Water delivers significant benefits to produce-farming operations, with valuable advantages to small-scale farmers as well as large agribusiness.

It is a scientific fact that use of our Electronic water devices for treatment of irrigation water will improve water productivity and will lead to significant water savings for the irrigation sector, minimize soil salinity and sustain the health of the environment. The implementation of Electronic water treatment technology by the irrigation sector will be a significant benefit to the global environment, as well as to the individual farmer.

Regular water molecules form clusters, toxins and waste products build up causing molecule clusters to be much larger in size, increasing surface tension, increasing viscosity and limiting dissolvability and permeability of water. This results in poor water productivity as only a small percentage of water and nutrients applied are dissolved and made available for plants to take up at fine root zones.

UB’CAL Electronic Water conditioning technology alter the structure of water molecules. UB’CAL treatment breaks up the molecules to smaller clusters allowing them to pass through plant capillaries more readily.

Advantages of UB’CAL Treated Water
With the UB’CAL installed on a farm’s irrigation system, UB’CAL Treated Water offers several advantages, as it:

  • Improves permeability of water through soil, plant walls or water filters (makes water “wetter”)
  • Increases crop yields, quality, shelf life and taste.
  • Decreases salinity of soil, scaling of irrigation systems, and viscosity of water.
  • Improves solubility of nutrients and fertilizers.
  • Saves 10% - 50% on water use, electricity, fertilizer and equipment maintenance costs.
  • Water is conserved – less energy consumed
  • Increased root growth – higher yields
  • Soil holds moisture longer – Save on water costs
  • Increased fertilizer efficiency
  • De-scaling of piping and clogged water jets, drip emitting pipe.
  • Low in cost and high in profits
  • Reduces surface tension of the water.
  • De-clods and breaks up the compressed soil. Roots grow and absorb nutrients more quickly.
  • The root system is excited by the electromotive forces of the UB’CAL which promote    healthier, bigger and quicker plant growth.
  • Reduces salinity and improves irrigation.
  • Dissolves more nutrients because it lowers surface tension of water.
  • Buffers the pH and causes more minerals to pass though the cell walls of roots.

UB’CAL gives you outstanding performance at a lower cost. The results are a better, faster return on your investment, not just in Rupees, but also in time, crop quality and environmental conservation.

UB’CAL’s superior design delivers all of the benefits of  water treatment at significantly lower costs, which means a better, faster return on your investment . . . and we guarantee it.

UB’CAL, Electronic Water Conditioning Technology helps to Naturally enhance the Yield of the land, without use of Synthetic Fertilizer. This Technology, developed in UK, will increase the Yield per acre, result in healthier crops, larger fruits and flowers and will also ensure proper delivery of water day after day by preventing and dissolving the Calcium deposits on the jets, nozzles and sprinkler heads of the water system used to irrigate the land.  It does not deprive the land of beneficial minerals that come along with the irrigational water.

UB’CAL Water Conditioning Technology can also be used for Soil Desalination and to repair land damaged by the excessive use of Synthetic Fertilizers. Leaf burning is severely reduced and the soil structure improves.

UB’CAL treated water  increased micro biological activity in the soil, in turn increasing the release of unavailable nutrients, the "UB’CAL Treated water" also made it easier for plants to take up the nutrients from the soil.

NOTE: The changes will NOT show up on water tests. No minerals are being removed……merely conditioned. The minerals are still there; therefore they will still show up on tests. But they will not perform the same, and this is something you can see for yourself.

Where should I install it?
It should be at least two meters from any three phase electric motors. You should install them before the first tap or outlet, so as to get the maximum benefit. But they should always be installed AFTER ANY STORAGE TANKS, as the water will lose its treated effect if stored for any period of time.

How will I know if it’s working?
USE the water! It doesn’t take long to see the difference. You should notice a difference in how it lathers and how it tastes within a day of installation. You may try washing your hands with soap under the untreated water beforehand, then washing with soap again straight after installation. You should notice a marked difference.

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